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Why Repair Chips?

Keeps You Safe:

It's not just about looks – a damaged windshield might affect your vehicle's safety. When that crack appears, especially after an accident, we're here to ensure your drive remains safe and worry-free.

Saves You Money:

When those little chips start turning into big cracks, it can mean a whole new windshield. Many comprehensive insurance policies cover windshield repairs without a deductible. However, if you're covering the cost personally, repairing the windshield comes at a fraction of the expense compared to a full replacement.

Saves You Time:

Opting for a quick windshield repair not only efficiently resolves the problem but also cuts down on the time needed compared to a full replacement. Our priority is to ensure a speedy fix, getting you back on the road without unnecessary delays.


Every year in the US, almost 15 million windshields get replaced. Opting for a repair not only fixes your windshield but also cuts down on the debris heading to our landfills.

It’s the Law:

It's against the law to drive a vehicle with a cracked windshield that obstructs the driver's view. Ensuring a clear line of sight is crucial for the safety of both the driver and others on the road.

Examples of Repairable Damage


Cloverleaf Breaks

Star Break

Bullseye Break

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When to Replace Your Windshield

  1. The glass is tempered, not laminated.
  2. The crack is longer than a dollar bill.
  3. The crack or chip is deep enough that it went more than halfway into the windshield.
  4. The crack or chip extends to the outside edge of the windshield.

Windshield Replacement Services

We specialize in replacing glass for both foreign and domestic vehicles, including autos, minivans, conversion vans, SUVs, light and heavy trucks, buses, coaches, motorhomes, and various types of construction or farm vehicles. Whether your vehicle needs standard glass or a custom order, our priority is to provide you with the solution you require, ensuring a swift return to the road.


We handle all the insurance paperwork and work directly with your insurance company for hassle-free auto glass repair and replacement. Leave the paperwork to us, so you can get back on the road swiftly and stress-free.

Aftermarket Windshield Glass Vs A Factory-Made Windshield

At All Star Glass Repair of Morris we use aftermarket glass unless factory glass is required by the insurance carrier.


Aftermarket glass is designed to meet or surpass the minimum safety standards established by the Department of Transportation, ensuring a level of safety comparable to factory-made glass.


Aftermarket glass is typically more budget-friendly than factory-made glass and is the preferred choice for many insurance providers.


The increased accessibility of aftermarket glass means significantly reduced order times, ensuring a swift turnaround for getting vehicles repaired and back on the road.


At All Star Glass of Morris

We recognize the significance of downtime for farmers and business owners, understanding that every moment lost can impact productivity and efficiency. That's why our dedicated team goes the extra mile—literally. Serving Morris and the surrounding area in West Central Minnesota, we bring our services directly to you. Whether you need a simple rock chip repair or full glass replacement, our mobile service ensures convenience and minimizes downtime. We value your time, and our commitment is to provide efficient and on-the-spot solutions, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your operations.

Additional Services

Back Glass Replacement

Side Window Replacement


Below you will find a few examples of our work.

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